Fest-Noz Nov. 20, 2010

Fest-Noz, a Breton style ceilidh, is happening this month at Hungarian House, 213 E 82nd St, New York, NY 10028-2701. It’s a fund raising event for Baghad New York, and should be a real treat for alternative pipers.

For its first anniversary the baghad is very proud that some very good friends have agreed to perform in New York City.

– Calum Pasqua (Brooklyn, NY)
– Tom Pixton (Boston, MA)
– Alex Bartholomew (Highland, NY)
– Sean Buchta (West Babylon, NY)
– Stephen Gara (Cold Spring, NY)
– Nick Hudson (Pittsburg, PA)
– Mike MacNintch (Beacon, NY)
РSamuel Fr̬re (New York, NY)
– Yoann Le Goff (Stamford, CT)
– Jake Otto (Philadelphie, PA)

More info at here.