Vermont Bellows Pipe School –

July 30th -August 3rd –

By Bret Hamilton –

We are getting ready for the 2012 Vermont Bellows Pipe and Fiddle School and have some exciting news:

We have been hard at work lining up the classes and some very special guest instructors this year.

First, I am very happy to announce that our fiddle instruction will be led by Andrea Beaton (!

The excitement doesn’t end there folks.  We will have an incredible opportunity to hone our skills learning tunes from an Uilleann piper and harper, and to learn about musicality of the pipes from other perspectives.  Joining us for special one-day workshops are Benedict Koehler and Dominique Dodge who will be cross pollinating our pipe and fiddle tunes with their own, very special musical perspective! 

About the Bellows Pipe School:

Now in its 22nd year, our school celebrates the step dance music traditions of Scotland as played on Scottish smallpipes, Border pipes, fiddle and whistles.   All music is taught aurally (by ear) without the use of sheet music.  Piping classes are taught at two separate levels; we’ll help you learn to learn tunes by ear.  Musicality and rhythm are our focus, as opposed to technicality and ornamentation (although these are not ignored).

This year, we welcome back piping instructors Fin Moore, Tim Cummings, and reed making and pipe maintenance workshops with pipe-maker  Nate Banton. We are delighted to have Laura MacKenzie on whistles, Andrea Beaton on fiddle, Benedict Koehler (Uilleann pipes) and Dominique Dodge (harp).

Location: 830 Taft Road, Huntington, VT

Venue: A small farm in rural Vermont with many horses, three border collies and a very large cat. Classes will take place in and around the house, porches and barn.

Accommodations: Camping onsite is free. Contact us for B&Bs or hotels nearby.

Willow Creek Ranch
830 Taft Rd
Huntington, VT 05462