Southern Maine Summer Smallpiping July 2-3, (and 4th?!)

Southern Maine Summer Smallpiping No-Cost, No-Instructor Event

For the severalnth consecutive year, this summer’s annual southern Maine smallpiping event will be held on July 2-3 with a likely lapse into July 4 to declare freedom frae walking aboot blawin ina stick (after we do it, of course). Tunes will be played by ear, eye and finger. Key of A-ish SSPs with the occasional blunder into borderpiping (if applicable).

Mouthblown pipes will be accepted but more farm chores shall be expected. Tunes will start precisely when they do and will end in a likewise fashion. Devolution into multi-instrumental madness, possibly including singing, will be met as part of the curricula. Cultural manslaughter will include Border, Highland, and Cape Breton. Come prepared to laugh and smile or anticipate teasing to occur. The event will be held in the environs of Pownal, Maine where the town, and indeed the event’s, motto is “Independent Unto Itself”

Please send me a message for the rest of the gory details (see the form below!). Cheers, John

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