Florida Smallpiping School 2014

H Moore A SSP full set small cropped

Do you want to improve your smallpiping? Do you want to escape the Winter ‘Blaws”? Would you like to participate in session playing? Then make plans to attend the Florida Smallpiping School in Hudson, Florida at the end of February. The school is an annual event held at the home of Maeve and Al deHetre located about a half hour from Tampa. The school is designed as a four day immersion program covering all aspects of piping from technique and repertory to basic pipe care and maintenance. Following a very successful Master’s class in reel playing last year, this year’s focus will be on the various forms of the Strathspey. There will be sessions open to everyone each evening during the school.
This will be the 10th year for Barry Shears instructing Scottish Smallpipes at the Florida School and there will be a little surprise for all those attending.

When: February 27,28 and March 1, 2
Where: Hudson, Florida
Instructor: Barry Shears
Tuition: $350. Day classes available on a modified fee scale.
For additional information contact Maeve at: maeve27@verizon.net
For a sample of Barry playing the SSP see here