Maine Pipes And Fiddle March 28th-29th

cropped-P1090193-2New Location!

With the unfortunate closing of the fabulous Skye Theater, and with Nate Banton and Will Woodson moving to town, we’ve decided to move Maine Pipes and Fiddle to Portland.  We’re very excited about the new more centralized location and hope that it’ll bring in more students from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.January_2015_Portland_Maine_20150118-DSC_6572 By Corey Templeton Portland Maine Boat and Rope small

Bring your family!  Portland was voted “Foodiest Small town in the US” a coupe years ago. For good reason! It’s a super place to visit for many reasons.Use11


Ben Miller and Will Woodson will once again be our instructors for Scottish Smallpipes and Border pipes.

And We’ll be joined by Andrea Beaton and Ed Pearlman for fiddle.

We’ll begin on Saturday morning with fiddlers, pipers and accompanists together.  We’ll choose a tune to teach, make sure none of the students know it already, and we’ll arrange it.  Then we’ll split into our disciplines and teach the tune. Before the end of the block, we’ll gather again to play it together.  We’ll repeat this format throughout the weekend, and throw in some other exercises as well.

captainsbarsession-1306-editInter.(mediate) and adv.(anced) smallpiping” – don’t fret over what level you are, just show up, we’ll help you find a place. The fiddlers will be split into groups as well if it makes sense._MG_0614

Occasionally we’ll mix in what we call ‘ear stretching‘ classes.  Fiddlers and pipers are invited to participate in the same class with a fiddler or piper teaching a tune.  It’s a grand exercise to challenge your ear to learn a tune from a different instrument than the one you play.  Instructors will use movement and singing to assist with the learning.  1622579_736381673047030_388262622_oEar stretching classes are a huge hit at PEI Fiddle Camp.

We know that many pipers are uncomfortable learning strictly by ear. Sheet music will be made available immediately after classes.  Yes, it’s easier to learn from the dots, but please give ear learning a try!  There are many many benefits to this style of learning not least of which is that you will actually learn how theSkye14 instructor plays it instead of how the dots teach you.  You can learn from the dots any time you want to at home; come learn from these great pipers!  We’ve helped many people who have never tried this way of learning through the process and we can help you too.  This is how almost all other traditional musicians learn tunes.  And it will open you up to learning tunes directly from fiddlers and flute players too.P1050989

Workshops will be from 10am on Saturday to 5:30pm. And then again from 10am to 2p mon Sunday.  After classes on Saturday there will be a communal supper and a Concert tofollow — with a group session rounding out the evening.

imagesThe workshops will be held in the great spaces within the Portland New Church.  This is just down the street from Nate Banton’s workshop.  Nate will be available for any and all piping maintenance and is available for any fettling your pipes may require.  A short tour of the workshop will be part of the weekend.

 WORKSHOP COSTSAnitaBen-68_edit1

Workshop fees must be paid in cash only. Workshop costs are $30 for one session, $50 for two sessions, $120 for Saturday only, $80 for Sunday only or $180 for the weekend.  Fees may be paid during registration.


Pre-registration is not necessary (you can just show up), HOWEVER, we would really appreciate if you would pre-register by email (and pay when you arrive). This helps us with the planning.  Thanks in advance.

To pre-register: Email us at and we’ll email you the registration form.January_2015_Portland_Maine_20150111-DSC_6333 By Corey Templeton Maine Wharf construction small


There are many accommodation options available in Portland.  Please let us know if you’d like suggestions or help with choosing where to stay.

We have several locale couches and floors available for those looking for free places to crash.  Please let us know if you’d like to be hooked up with a free sleeping space.