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Pipe Makers-

Bagpipe makers in the US and Canada are making some of the world’s finest musical instruments. APNA receives no benefits from these craftsmen and does not endorse one over another; these links are provided strictly as a public service to the piping community.

GHB = Great Highland Bagpipe

SSP =  Scottish Small Pipes

NSP = Northumbrian Smallpipes

Atherton Bagpipes,  David Atherton. GHB

Nate Banton Scottish Smallpipes and Border Pipes

Carbony Celtic Winds. SSP and GHB

Cushing Bagpipe Company. Marc and Kathryn Cushing. GHB and SSP

Michael Dow, Architectural Woodcarving Llc. Bellows

J. Dunbar Bagpipe Maker, Ltd. GHB

Favre Pipes. Boris Favre. Swedish, Scottish, Irish Bagpipes

Fisher Bagpipes. Wayne Fisher. GHB and SSP

Gibson Bagpipes Inc. GHB and SSP

Seth Hamon Bagpipes. Swedish, Irish and Scottish Bagpipes

CE Kron & Co. Bagpipes. Charley Kron. GHB

Colin Kyo Bagpipes. Murray Higgins. GHB

John Liestman. NSP Maker, repairs, reeds, rental instruments

MacLellan Bagpipes.  Roddy MacLellan. GHB, ¾ and Studio pipes

Pinchbeck Pipes.  Chris Pinchbeck.  SSP

Quietpiper Scottish Smallpipes, Robert Felsburg

Sharp Bagpipes. Mike Sharp NSP, SSP reeds and repairs

Tidy Cottage Smallpipes. E. J. Jones. SSP

John Walsh Bagpipes Ltd.. GHB, SSP, Shuttle pipes

The Wee Piper Bagpipe Builder. Michael MacHarg. Many kinds of bagpipes

Uilleann Pipe Makers List (world)